Thursday, July 12, 2007

Research: Communicating Genetic Information; Event: CDC--Translational Genetic Research

In the Literature: Communicating Genetic Information

Gaff, CL, et al. Process and outcome in communication of genetic information within families: a systematic review. European Journal of Human Genetics. [advance online publication 4 July 2007]; doi: 10.1038/sj.ejhg.5201883.

. . . . To understand the process by which communication occurs as well as its outcomes, a systematic review of actual communication in families about genetic risk was conducted. Findings from 29 papers meeting the inclusion criteria were summarised and are presented narratively. . . .

Gilbar, R. Communicating genetic information in the family: the familial relationship as the forgotten factor. Journal of Medical Ethics 33 (7), 390-3 (Jul 2007). pmid/17601865; doi/10.1136/jme.2006.017467.

. . . . Based on a legal and bioethical analysis on the one hand, and an examination of empirical studies on the other, this paper advocates the adoption of a relational perception of autonomy, which, in the context of genetics, takes into account the effect that any decision-whether to disclose or not to disclose-will have on the familial relationship and the dynamics of the particular family. . . .

Seminar Announced: “Closing the Gap Between Human Genome Discoveries and Population Health”. CDC Genomics, July 26, 2007.

Public Health Genomics Seminar Series: Closing the Gap Between Human Genome Discoveries and Population Health.

Session 6: But how do we translate new genetic knowledge into practice? 1-3 pm, ENVISION-Koger Center, Williams Bld, Room 1802/05. Centers for Disase Control and Prevention.

"How do we actually translate guidelines into action?" – Speaker: Jon Kerner, NCI
"What is the role of professional organizations, consumers, oversight and regulation?" -- Speaker: Kathy Hudson, Genetics and Public Policy Center, Johns Hopkins University.

[PredictER Note: Slides and video-casts will be posted following the event.]

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