Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Announcing PredictER News Brief: A Digest of Predictive Health and Ethics Research News

The first three issues of PredictER News Brief are now publically available from the “Resources” page of PredictER’s information portal. This news digest reports predictive health press releases, headlines, events, and recent academic publications. These include the following topics: human genetic research, genetic testing and counseling, longitudinal health research, personal health records, pharmacogenomics, translational medical research, public attitudes toward predictive health research, and recent developments in public policy.

PredictER News Brief is a tool for readers interested in the ethical, legal, and social implications of predictive health research. In the near future PredictER News Brief will offer RSS feeds. At this time requests for email subscriptions from PredictER’s Gmail account are welcomed; the digest is published biweekly on PredictER’s web site; visit the tab.
“News Digest”. Additional information services and research tools (including: web accessible research databases, subject guides, custom search engines, and a full-text digital library) are currently under development.

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