Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Purdue Bioethics: Ethical Issues in Constructing and Using Biobanks

PredictER's Eric M. Meslin, PhD, Director, IU Center for Bioethics, will address the Purdue Bioethics lecture series this Wednesday, April 16th, from 6 to 7 pm. Meslin will provide an overview of the ethical issues in developing and using biobanks for genetic research. The Purdue lecture series (now in its second year) intends "to build opportunities for engagement between philosophy, policy, and science at a campus-wide level and to raise awareness of the ethical implications of biotechnological development for our environment both local and global". The current year's series focuses "on two central themes in bioethics: the ethical issues of climate change and those of issues in medical technologies". Read more about Meslin's lecture or to learn more about the series contact Jonathan Beever or Nicolae Morar at Purdue Bioethcs. Also see the international blog, BlogEthics Purdue.


Nicolae said...

The talk will be soon available in a video format on www.purdue.edu/bioethics - Topics

Unknown said...

Great! We'll look for it.

Unknown said...

A video recording of Dr. Meslin's talk along with the slides from from that talk is available on our website under the "topics" heading. Enjoy!