Thursday, April 10, 2008

Gene Sherpas for CME

Steve Murphy at Gene Sherpas: Personalized Medicine and You has often asserted that physicians will need continuing medical education to understand the latest advances in genetic research and to interpret clinical genetic information. In a recent post, however, he provides a few hints about what he will be doing to make these educational opportunities a reality. Murphy writes:

There is a new hope. An institution being set up by myself and others. We are currently looking for donors and we endeavor to set up educational events and group sessions. We will work with Corporate Genomics, Academic Genetics, Corporate Labs, Academic Medicine to develop training workshops. Interested?

Well Steve, I'm interested (obviously), PredictER has been working on continuing medical education programs for physicians with patients participating in genetic research. We have made plans to offer two initial programs in local clinics here in Indianapolis this summer—we hope to stream these programs to a wider audience as well. While this is one step removed from the clinical use of consumer genomics (we're really focusing on research ethics in the clinic), I hope that our work on the ethical issues of genetic medicine will be of use to your hoped for institution. At the very least, don't forget the ethicists and community advocates when designing your curriculum. Good luck finding donors and keep us posted! – J.O.

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Steve Murphy MD said...

Would love the chance to have your team on board.